Get Your Life Back by Beating The Lockdown Blues!

When: Sept 22 (8 Tuesdays) @ 7:00-8.30pm
Where: Online (Register to get zoom ID)
Cost: FREE (plus course materials, if required)


Clare Chan, B Pharm, MPH

Darrel Wah, B Eng, MPH

It will start with lectures followed by small group discussions. Please considering bringing a trusted friend along if you wish.


Here’s what others are saying about this course:


I enjoyed the course so much that I did not want it to end!

Danetta , Dentist

I didn't join the program because I thought I needed it. I wasn't depressed or anxious, but I joined because I wanted to understand more about my thought distortions, and to improve the way I was thinking. This program has given me quite a bit of insights into myself, and helped me get through the period of emotional trauma because of on-going lockdown and other personal things that were happening in my life.This course has given me the skills to be mentally resilient by constantly challenging me to put into practice what I have been taught. I was given enough opportunity to process what I was learning by clarifying what I did not understand especially during the breakout group. The breakout group became a place where I could express myself freely and receive support as a group, including the facilitator. I enjoyed it very much that I did not want it to end.


This challenged me to think positively, exercise daily and eating nutritiously!

Rachel , Senior Administration Executive

The COVID-19 pandemic was really affecting me emotionally. I felt socially distanced, I felt isolated from my friends, and my family as I was living on my own. I had a hard time sleeping and was not exercising regularly. The classes challenged me to put what I was learning into practice, including choosing to think positively one day at a time. I really enjoyed the accountability by the facilitator and my other group members and now I cannot wait to share what I have learned from the program to my friends around me.


I learned to control my emotions by changing my thinking!

Lokaka , Student

This program is amazing as it helped me to learned how to control my emotions, to use CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), and how to live a healthier lifestyle by maximizing my mental performance. The most important lesson for me was I learned not to think negatively of other people. I knew I should not do this but I did not know how not to and these classes helped me to overcome this.

what you get

Here’s what you’ll learn in Beat the Lockdown Blues!

Beat The Lockdown Blues is a comprehensive lifestyle program for mental fitness. You will find the keys to a new life in just eight weeks.

Not only will you learn how to identify depression, anxiety and their causes, you will also learn how to enhance your energy level, sleep quality, mood, relationships, and emotional intelligence.

Optimize Your Brain

In each session, you'll explore ways to achieve peak mental performance and help develop and strengthen the frontal lobe, leading to an optimized brain that can retain and apply knowledge in higher capacity.

Improve Your EQ

This series is designed to maximize your emotional intelligence through implementing specific and practical lifestyle measures. Learn how to have a better and healthier relationship with yourself and with others.

Empower to change

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. 

You will have additional support in small peer groups, in motivation, in inspiration, and be accountable to each other. Let's beat the lockdown blues together.