Kick Start 2021 with a NEW YOU by completing the WeExplore Health Challenge!

Want to challenge yourself with a healthier lifestyle? Want to improve your mental performance? Want to have a better mind and clearer skin? Want to get some effective accountability? If this is you, this challenge is for you!    

what you get

Here’s what you’ll get in the weExplore Health Challenge!

Online Health Coaching

Want our help with your nutrition and fitness goals? Over the course of 8 weeks together, we will keep one another accountable for the goals set so that you are empowered to become a NEW YOU!

Be a Healthier & Happier You

Are you ready to give your health and happiness a boost?

This challenge brings together scientifically-proven strategies into a fun, experiential and life-enhancing program.

Helping you to improve your health and happiness.

Experience Something New

Health is so much more than exercising and eating right.

This course is designed to help you obtaining peak mental performance and emotional wellness. New weekly activities are implemented to challenge you from various aspects of life, from nutrition and fitness to social well-being. 

Are you ready for the challenge?