Learn to cook healthy,

simple, delicious

plant-based meals for your family!

Preparing food for the entire family can often be a challenging, and stressful time. It has to be nutritious, tasty, within the family budget while catering for different tastebuds and fussy kids. If this is you, these four online plant-based cooking demos are designed for busy families!

what you get

Here’s what you’ll learn on Sundays!

When life gets busy in the family, cooking delicious and healthy food may be the last thing on our mind. However, cooking should be fun, and should also be simple, tasty, budget-friendly!

These classes will not only demonstrate plant-based dishes that cater for different tastes buds and fussy kids, but also a time to learn new skill and make new friends. 

Family Friendly Meals

Learn to cook family friendly plant-based meals which is good for health and appeals to different tastebuds, especially your lovely kids!

Make New Friends

No man or family is an island, health is so much more than just eating right. Meet like-minded people, sharing cooking experience, and meet a new friend!

Interactive Cooking Demo

The cooking demo is presented LIVE, you can ask questions directly to the demonstrator which is the best way to learn. It will be  fun, interactive and plenty of laughs.