Enhance your mental performance with simple, delicious plant-based meals!

Finding yourself time-poor, or stressed? Interested to prepare budget-friendly, healthy, tasty, and quick meals that will enhance your mental performance? If this is you, then come and cook together in these four online cooking tutorials are designed specifically for busy university students!

I was bored of cooking to same dishes each week but now I love exploring new dishes!

I really enjoyed cooking together at the cooking tutorials on Tuesdays as it provided plenty of opportunities for me to socialize with others during the lockdown period. The chef would not only teach me how to prepare the meals but also increase my desire to explore how to prepare plant-based foods in my daily life.

Judy Student

These cooking meetups gave me next level of fun during this lockdown time.

I have always been a lover of food recipe videos but being able to cook together with health-conscious new friends is next level of fun. Especially in the period of pandemic, discovering new healthy ingredients to play with and adding healthy dishes to my dinner kept my mind away from isolation and focus on being healthy. I’m very thankful for this impactful event.

Nikki Student

Veggie meals can be even more yummy than meat!

The four weeks cooking class taught me how to cook healthy food. Veggie meal can be even more yummy than meat! I learned nuts, tofu and mushroom contain plenty of protein and can replace meat. I also learned different types of herb seasoning which I can add to the meals, making it more delicious and wholesome. More importantly, I enjoyed the process that we cooked and ate together, even though Zoom, still feel being involved. I really enjoy this cooking class, thank you all the team members contribution. Hope next session can come soon????

Hedy Nurse

This gave me a great sense of achievement and positivity.

The healthy cooking class has been a unique opportunity for me to connect with others during the lockdown period in Melbourne, the friendly atmosphere in the group, the healthy recipe, and the sharing of dishes at the end of the session gave me a great sense of achievement and positivity.

Shan Risk Analyst

what you get

Here’s what you’ll learn on Tuesdays!

When life gets busy, cooking delicious and healthy food is the last thing on our mind. However, cooking should be fun! It should also be simple, tasty, budget-friendly, and increase your happiness!

These classes will not only demonstrate plant-based dishes that is good for your brain, but improve your kitchen skills, and meet new friends.

Enhanced Mental Performance

Learn what foods are good for your brain structure and function to gain maximum performance when you need it.

Meet New Friends

No person is an island, health is so much more than just eating right. Meet like-minded people, cook together, and meet a new friend!

Your Creations

Not only will you see it on a screen, you will get to enjoy it. A list of ingredients to be purchased will be sent out to you beforehand which makes this experience possible.