About Us

Established as a not-for-profit in 2018, weExplore Wellness Centre has been providing many workshops and events to enrich community health and wellness in Clayton suburb.

Who We Are

At the heart of weExplore, it is a volunteer-led not-for-profit organization composed of a group of health professionals and health advocates, from physicians, registered nurses, health educators, to lay people who are enthusiastic to promote better health. We are a ministry supported by Gateway Adventist Centre and other donors.

Our Story

The idea for opening a weExplore Wellness Centre was firstly initiated in April 2018 as a result of a prayer and planning session.
Since the establishment of weExplore, our calendar has been filled with exciting events as supported by grants and donations. Doctors and other health professionals volunteer their precious time. An important turning point occurred when we see many in our community as well as university students drop by the centre and by expressing their needs for better wholistic health.
With the impact brought by COVID-19, our world and society experienced a paradigm shift, so had weExplore. Mental health and emotional wellness are paramount subjects at this time. We have been using the online platform to provide support and care for our community along with the in-person services.

Our Motivation

Our services are based on the works of a 19th century health reformer, whose principles when applied transformed the health of individuals and communities. We are the group of people practicing the NEWSTART principles.

The NEWSTART@ principle was originated from the works of Mrs Ellen Gould White, and solidified by the Weimar Institute in California. It was designed to help people to prevent, treat and reverse chronic diseases through healthy lifestyle changes. The program is advocated by renowned doctors and scientists around the world, including physician and leading researcher of preventive medicine, Dr Dean Ornish, and Cornell University’s Dr T. Colin Campbell. People who live with these principles lived 7 to 11 years longer on average. This amazing result was documented in the National Geographic –Blue Zones ‘The Science of Living Longer’and the New York Time Bestseller ‘The Blue Zones’.

NEWSTART Principle


Experiences the benefits of a wholefood, plant-based diet


Promotes blood circulation


Purifies the body of toxins


Strengthen bones and relieves depression


Applies a healthy approach to life


Activates body cells, improves physical function


Repairs damaged cells


Heals the body as a whole

Meet the Team

Johnny Wong

Association President, Spiritual Coach, Relationship & Life Coach

Leanne Tilson

Association Vice President, Program Coordinator

Darrel Wah

Secretary, Lifestyle Educator, Health Coach, MPH

Iwan Sadjoli

Facility Manager

Clare Chan

Lifestyle Educator, Health Coach, Pharmacist B.Pharm, MPH

Tina Wong

Counsellor, CCRN, Grad Dip. Counselling, M. CBT

Cyndee Chung

Counsellor, Neo-RN, Grad Dip. 
Family & Child Counselling


Counsellor, B.A., M.Couns

Maggie Lee


Hyo Kim


Our Partners

The Incredible Journey
Australia #1 Bible TV Show
Gateway Adventist Centre
Adventist Students on Campus, Monash University
Beyond Patmos
Christian Broadcasting
Online Church - a new
church with a health twist & gospel
Vegielicious Catering
Plant-based Food
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