Upcoming Courses


weExplore activities and courses are designed for the physical, mental, social and spiritual development. We offer quality services for individuals or groups in the community who are wanting to live healthier and happier lives. All throughout the year, the weExplore Centre calendar is filled with exciting events including: health and cooking classes,  talks by doctors and professionals, counselling, and spiritual care.

1. Beat The Lockdown Blues Seminar (Zoom)

Feeling down with the lock down? Learn proven ways on how to get your life back again. This is an 8-week program where you will learn about causes of depression, food for thought, improve EQ, power of your thoughts and how to optimise your brain. It will help you improve your mental performance and emotional health. It may also help you to understand more about the people you care for in your home.

Date: Starts Sept 22 (Tuesdays)  |  Time: 7:00pm |   Cost: Free (additional cost for resources)

2. Monthly Healthy Plant-Based Cooking Demo?

You have heard of the benefits of plant based diet and wish to cook such meals either for yourself or for your family. But how does one introduce and transition step by step to have more Plant-based meals? Will we get sufficient protein? What are the substitute ingredients that are commonly available? Will my kids like the food? In this four part series you will learn about menu planning, what to shop, where to shop, and see a practical cooking demonstration on simple and tasty plant-based meals.  Early registration is essential due to class limits.

Date: 15 Nov, 13 Dec, 10 Jan, 13 Feb, 14 Mar (Monthly on Sundays)    |    Time: 4.30pm    |   Cost: FREE

3. Mat Pilates - Online

Exercise will help during the lock down. Get fit in the comfort of your home with a caring and qualified live instructor. Small group and you will feel like you have a personal trainer! Register to receive Zoom ID.

Date: Every Sunday  |  Time: 10:00am  |  Cost: Free First Session ($8 per session)

4. Plant-based Cooking Meetup (Zoom)

Finding yourself time-poor, or stressed? Interested to prepare budget-friendly, healthy, tasty, and quick meals that will enhance your mental performance? If this is you, then these four online cooking tutorials are designed specifically for busy university students! Come and learn cooking together, eating together, and make new friends.

Date: TBA  |  Time: 5:30pm |   Cost: FREE (BYO ingredients)

5. The weExplore Health Challenge

Are you up for a challenge to change for a healthier lifestyle?  "Knowing" about health is only 20% of the direction toward change. The other 80% is the will power, the effort and the implementation effort.  In this challenge, you will learn about proven steps, with effective accountability from health coaches, you will see the difference. But it will be a stretch and a mindset shift. This 8 weeks new start challenge had changed many others and they now live a better quality of life. Ready for the challenge?

Date:   Nov - Dec   |   Cost: TBA

6. Habits Of Effective People Course

What is the difference between a high achiever and one that is not motivated? Have you been procrastinating, putting off, delaying actions? What tools can help you succeed in life?  Habits of Effective People course is a life coaching course to help you with personal effectiveness that you may live life to the full with healthy relationships. You will learn about practical ways to setup your life mission, priority management and principle based decision making. Your trainer has trained in 25 countries around the world in leadership and spiritual development.

Date:  Nov - Dec   |   Cost: TBA